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After obtaining a university degree in technology, regardless of the field, the professional and academic development perspective

After obtaining a university degree in technology, regardless of the field, the professional and academic development perspectives open to the laureates are as follows:

Integrate a BAC + 5 high school program: Moreover, 80% of graduates of university degrees in technology choose to continue studies after obtaining their diploma according to a survey carried out by "The student", despite the fact that the training has been designed for those who are eager to discover the professional world at an early stage.Thus, it is possible to apply for competitive exams in major business or engineering schools depending on the branch of the degree obtained and integrate their BAC + 5 programs, through direct access in 4 th year master.
Start your career as a technician or in middle management professions: Depending on the branch selected, several job offers for qualified technicians, operational and local managers are published at market level, which gives the opportunity to successful graduates to prove themselves and climb the ladder by starting a career with a company operating in their area of ​​expertise.
Pursuing continuing education: Who says you have to choose between continuing your studies or working? Why not the two of them? Continuing education has been designed for those who wish to remain in post while assimilating the university modules sine qua none to obtaining their diploma (license or master), through evening classes or even on weekends. However, the only disadvantage of this is that unlike the initial training, it does not allow access to the doctoral cycle to do research.
Getting started in entrepreneurship: This is the best time to launch your idea for an innovative project, whether it is a startup or an SME. Access to financing and incubationis more and more democratized in Morocco thanks to an ecosystem in constant evolution.If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, do not hesitate to make your project a reality once you have your diploma in your pocket.
All in all, it is necessary to remind young graduates that success and achievement have neither one door nor one path. Not finding a job in the first few months of your search is quite normal, and questioning your business plan is customary when starting an entrepreneurial venture. Not being sure you want to pursue a bachelor's or master's degree is too. Thus, patience, perseverance and sometimes even adaptability, are key skills to be able to move forward and which we will have to acquire.