Various strategies to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1311

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In this article we will explain the QuickBooks error 1311, and how you can we resolve it. This error appears on your screen with the message Source file not found.

Updating QuickBooks can at times be an arduous task when the user faces errors codes during the installation of updates. Today’s blog shall focus on one such update error in QuickBooks Desktop- Error 1311. The common instance of this error is during the update process.

However, users have also come across this error while “downloading a report”, or when “exporting the reports to Excel”. This blog shall discuss various causes leading to the error and will also unfold the fixes for QuickBooks Error 1311.

Major contributors of QuickBooks Error 1311

This update error 1311 in QuickBooks can be caused by:

  • QuickBooks installation being incomplete
  • Corrupted MS Excel program
  • The CD-ROM drive might be malfunctioning.
  • Firewall related misconfiguration

How to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1311?

This QuickBooks Error 1311 can be rectified by performing the following steps:

Step 1: Transfer the QuickBooks files from the CD to the local drive

  • Put in the “QuickBooks CD” into the drive.
  • Next, go for the creation of a “new folder” on the desktop.
  • Now, visit the CD drive and copy all its contents.
  • Following that, “paste the contents in the new folder”.
  • Then, proceed by opening the new folder and then “double-clicking setup.exe” to follow up with the installation process.
  • Hopefully, this should ward off error code 1311.

Step 2: Repair MS Excel

  • Access the “Control Panel” through the “Start menu”.
  • Click the “Add or Remove Programs”.
  • Now, opt for MS office and then choose “Uninstall/Change” tab to go for the “Repair” tab.
  • Upon repairing the program, run QB again and export the report to Excel and check if the ongoing error does no longer exist.

Solution 3: Prevent CD ROM access

  • Go for the “Start menu” and from there, head for “Settings”.
  • Open the “Control panel” and then Choose “Administrative Tools” from the Control Panel after that.

  • Choose “local security policy” and from there, open the “local policy folder”.
  • Go for the “Security” option.

  • Any suitable security option should be chosen which is conducive for the Windows version set up on the system.

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