Growtopia Tips - Earning Wrold Locks Quickly

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Growtopia can be a dense and confusing little world-building, item-crafting, massively multiplayer online platforming game.


Growtopia can be a dense and confusing little world-building, item-crafting, massively multiplayer online platforming game.

Have some friends play with you to speed up the gaining of world locks. If you don't want to it's okay, but with friends, it is 20 times faster. The minimum needed is two to three friends.

You could always spend more WLs onto more farmables if you wanted to. Other things you can do is to invest into month (special) items, such as Clovers or Angel Wings. If all else fails, and you might want a stable investment, you could always buy a station world (hopefully you have 1 DL and can buy placed stats, 3/1, to start off with). With producer worlds, you just need to collect (punch) them daily or 2 times a day.

Buying a cheap Buy++ world and sell it for expensive. For example you bought 'Buy wallpapers' for 30dls and i sell it for 60dls, so now you profited 30dls.

Buy seed and sell blocks. Simply,buy a seed,plant,harvest and sell a block for profit.

Geiger Counter. Buy a geiger counter,Find radioactive items,charge it,repeat until you get some rare Growtopia Items like white crystal and sell it for profit.

Surgery. You can get a Rare prize like thingamabob if you lucky and sell it for profit. Thingamabob is around 40dl unstable.

Participating events. There are some events in growtopia that will give you a tons of profits. There are some example of events below:

Harvest Fest-Get a Mooncakes by harvesting trees and sell Mooncakes for profit

Valentines-Buy Tons of Golden booty chests,break it until you get Golden Heart crystal and sell it for profit.

chinese new year

Grow event


There are many other methods out there, this is the method that I had used to gain wls.

I would recommend using Fish tanks and peppers as they are relatively cheap to purchase (Nov 2018 prices: Block:200/WL, Seed:50/WL) and grows relatively quickly as compared to other farmables

When you gather more wls, you would be able to progress to chands. Although chands take longer to grow, it's price is more expensive which means you would have more profit in return after you farm.

I operate 2 farms. 1 is used to farm and sell during winterfest, and the other for harvestfest. This gives the stocks a 1 year window to grow. And you would be able to earn the WLs 2 times a year.

If you want, you could start a mini farm that produces 1-2 wls/2-3 days. You simply buy a number of farmables, farm till there is double the original amount and just sell half of the stocks you have. Then just keep repeating.

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