13 Things You Should Know About Citroen Key Fob That You Might Not Have Considered

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How to Get a Citroen Key Replacement

Citroen is a French automaker, is renowned for its forward-looking approach. Its iconic 2CV was produced in 9,

How to Get a Citroen Key Replacement

Citroen is a French automaker, is renowned for its forward-looking approach. Its iconic 2CV was produced in 9,000,000 variants between 1948 and 1990.

Sometimes your keys or the remote fob may be out of sync with your vehicle and require to be reset. This can be done at a dealer or our mobile technicians can do it for you.

Replacement Citroen Car Keys

The price of a replacement Citroen key can differ based on the car model. For instance, models that have more advanced features like the Xsara Picasso or Berlingo can cost more to replace. But, in general our prices are up to 50% less than the prices of the main dealer.

We can provide new remote and transponder keys for all Citroen models from 1998 to 2000. The keys have chips that communicate with your vehicle when you insert them into the lock. The car will be able to unlock when the correct code has been received. These keys are more secure and protect against thieves than other types.

Prior to 1997, all Citroen keys were mechanical switchblade keys, and didn't require any programming. Making spare keys is simple and can be completed within minutes on site. In the event of a lost key, you will need the use of a PIN code, which is typically hidden beneath a scratch panel on a security card that is made of plastic. It's the size of a credit card that is inside the wallet of the owner (see picture). We can provide this quickly and without having to visit a dealer!

Since 2000, all Citroen cars and vans use a transponder (chip) in the key or remote fob. This kind of car key has to be programmed to the vehicle using an instrument for diagnosis. This is a simple process and simple with the right tools available.

There are other options to program these Citroen keys, however they are not as secure and come with a higher risk of corrupting the microchip's information. Contacting our locksmiths is the best option to avoid any problems. They will be able to use the tools correctly and are knowledgeable about the security system of your vehicle.

Citroen Car Key Replacement

It can be a nightmare if you lose your Citroen key or require a spare. Many people think they need to visit their dealer to get the replacement key, but this isn't always the situation. Automobiles are becoming more advanced and this is also true for keys. A local locksmith could replace a traditional key however, if you own a smart or remote key, you'll have to consult a professional with the right tools and skills.

We are among the few mobile companies that have the equipment required to re-program newer Citroen keys to cars. This allows us to save you a lot of time and money over the main dealer. It can be more expensive to bring your Citroen to a dealer, as they may need to reset the immobiliser. This could cost as much as PS1000.

Since 1998, all Citroen models have transponder chips (philips fixed code type 33 or "T5") in their keys. These chips can be used to start the vehicle. The older "snap-in" key only opened the lock and activated the alarm. Modern key systems come with an electronic remote control that can lock and unlock the car from afar and turn off alarms with a press of a button. This is a far more secure system that only your individual keys are able to operate it.

Replacing G28 for this type of Citroen is quite straight forward and can be done on site in most cases (including keys that are lost). If you lose both keys, the car must be re-coded which involves taking the vehicle to our workshop.

Citroen Car Key Repair

The Citroen range is a popular line of vehicles, which includes the C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 and the Xsara. All of these vehicles are equipped with transponder chips that can be used to begin the vehicle. If the correct PIN code received by the vehicle when the key was inserted it will respond with a code for the immobiliser and the engine will begin. This system is known as a "chip key" and is extremely secure.

If you have lost one of these keys, it is generally simple to obtain an alternative from the local auto-locksmith. Citroen cars that were manufactured from 1998 from the year 1998 use a different kind of chip, called a "fiat" type 33. This chip is more difficult to replace. In these cases, it is necessary to use a method known as 'eeprom-work' to obtain the most important information.

This is a highly-specialized area of expertise, however we can provide this service at your house or office through our mobile workshop. This saves you a trip to the dealer, who will likely charge you much more for this service. A dealership will also require you to present the V5 document and ID in person to be able to place an order for the replacement key which could take between two and five days for delivery. The dealer will have to program the key into your vehicle to ensure that it is working properly. This could cost a considerable amount of money.